Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ephemeral moments

The afternoon shower coolness lingered in the air as I made my way out the office last Friday evening. As I strode past Starbucks, I walked into a bubble cloud. A child was amusing himself by blowing soap bubbles. He giggled and chased them after every exhalation. The bubbles burst into nothingness upon contact and the scene got me wondering…
I think we all love playing with soap bubbles at some point in our lives. Perhaps like me, you still do. Why do we revel in such an activity when it reminds us of the transience of happiness?
I must be in a melancholic mood and cold grey evenings tend to trigger this bout of wistfulness.
On a happy note, I bought myself a bottle of red nail polish today. I seldom wear polishes and should I paint them, they would most likely be coated in a safe shade of subtle pink. Didn’t know what came over me but I reckon it must be the desire to don on more mature and womanly hues on my fingers from now on. ;-P
OPI names its polishes in the most creative fashion and this bottle is called “An Affair in Red Square”. It is part of its Russian Collection. Hm...nice.



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