Thursday, August 09, 2007

Just Follow Law--My favourite line (being a professional)

My favourite dialogue, translated into English:

Gurmit Singh: Har, so expensive, got guarantee?

Medium: Young man, plasma TV got guarantee. When you ask God for help, you have to have an affinity with the God.

Fann Wong: I can’t say anything about affinity, but paying 5000 dollars without giving me some guarantee on the results…how can like that?

Medium: When you visit a doctor, you still pay for his consultation fees even when you don’t recover. When you engage a lawyer to fight a case but he doesn’t win it for you, you still have to fork out the lawyer’s fees.

We are similar to them, we’re all professionals.

The meaning of being a professional is “Do your job, try to do it well, results not guaranteed, but still get paid. This is what we termed as being a professional.”

[The last statement’s so hilarious. It’s quite true. Now, try telling it to your boss. You wish. Only in your fantasy.]


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