Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The more I live, the more I know...What's simple is true


After a sudden afternoon shower, the sunshine came back quickly and the air smells so fresh and sweet. I stood at my window glancing out of my apartment and took several deep breaths! Hmmmmmmmm......Ah............Lovely!
I am reminded of how the simple things in life can make people happy and contented. In our material world today, we are constantly captured by the beautiful things clever retailers dangle out as objects of desire. Others are born with an insatiable roving eye and are always on the lookout for the next best thing. The irony behind this is that the more they look, the less they see.
Standing by the window still, I was reminded of the immense pleasure I derived from a beautiful afternoon of leisure cycling. Slowly pedaling past windsurfers bobbing in the sea, having the ocean breeze play coyly with my hair, sitting on soft sand and breathing in the mixture of brine and sea foam while taking in the pleasant scene of people lounging on the beach can be the most uplifting experience. My tension eased away and my uptight muscles relaxed. All these beat the $100 per session spa indulgence hands-down.
Yes, the simple things in life make me happiest. Like the smell of rain.

Daily Trivia (personal):
My favourite smells

From nature:
1. Rain (the smell in the air before and after a shower)
2. Freshly cut grass
3. Clean fresh linen drying out in the sun
4. Morning air (at dawn)
5. Flowers in a meadow (gardenias especially!)
6. Cherry blossoms (Sakura)
7. Ocean breeze
8. Lavender field
9. Honey
10. Fragrance of fruits!

1. Disinfectant in a hospital
2. Soap (scent of a freshly showered individual)
3. Loving bouquet (Escada perfume)
4. Island kiss (Escada perfume)
5. Happy (Clinique perfume)
6. Sunflowers (Elizabeth Arden perfume)
7. Gardenia (perfume by Elizabeth Taylor)
8. Marc Jacobs perfume
9. Eternity for Men (perfume by Calvin Klein)
10. Freshly baked cookies


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