Thursday, July 07, 2005

Crabby Entry.....

Is it my imagination or is this a terribly warm night/ morning? I am usually afraid of the cold, but tonight, I have the air-conditioner on, the fan blasting in the background, AND I still feel HOT! =( Or have the late nights gotten to me and my system's overheating??? Sound the alarm and bring in the extinguishers.

Seriously people, if you have the luxury of sleeping early, please do. I hate people who can sleep and tell me they won't. What about people like me?? I WANT to sleep, sleep and sleep but if I do, I may end up getting nightmares about undone piles of work!!! They don't call it beauty sleep for nothing. No amount of crème de la crème beauty products can save your skin if you do not sleep early. Sometimes, I try to delude myself into thinking it does, so that it brings me some comfort. When I start working, I will make sure I have a more regular sleeping pattern. Unless of cos, I am raking in big bucks and that means incurring a massive amount of sleep debt. That's when I can still look my best by engaging the help of Dr. Woffles Wu. I am dying to retire by age 45, by the way. No use working so hard all your life without truly living it. If not, nothing is ever gonna make me stay up so late.

Apparently, this entry isn't turning out to be coherent at all. I am writing it in order to take my mind off the article I am reading earlier. So I shall stop here.

Daily Trivia: There were 15,700,003 Model T Ford's manufactured, all in black.


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