Friday, April 10, 2009

Plastiq Fun-Anteprima

I have no idea what hit me. I thought fashion is going green these days but somehow or rather, ladies must be attracted to shiny objects--be it in the form 0f glitter make up or account depleting diamonds.

Fortunately for myself, I can do without much of the latter, save for significant jewellery pieces that carry symbolic meanings.
Today, a shiny (ungreen) object caught my eye.
Now, Anteprima Plastiq wire bags have been around for the longest time-since 1998. I think subconsciously, the image of the bag imprinted itself onto the recesses of my mind since Junior College school days when it had a counter in Takashimaya, Orchard.
More recently, another standalone shop has been opened in a very visible spot in Raffles City. I think somehow the liking to the bags crept into my heart quietly without fanfare.

Pre purchase, I read up on the labourious knitting technique of the PVC wire cord. The special cord has iridescent light diffusing properties. Reacting to all types of light rays, it emits a multi-directional shine that glitters like beads. This unique material is resilient in nature allowing flexibility in shape and volume.
Go to the website: Anteprima Plastiq
Current object of desire? Anteprima Standard (Wire bag) in Argento
At a price tag of 33,600 yen or $500 + SGD per bag, it is a little hard to stomach
that you are paying so much on plastic materials. Although they claim it takes an entire day to knit the cord into a bag, the production line is in China and you know the design house is capitalizing on cheaper labour to manufacture their products.
Oh well. So I bought one. Equally well made, same material but different design. I half suspect the source is the same, just that these were made from the available unsold raw materials and sold for a song. Might as well. I don't think I will pay good money for plastic instead of durable leather.

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